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Winter 2024

Reasonable Doubt is based on the 1957 Academy Award nominated film, 12 Angry Men. Twelve students are chosen by the Principal to deliberate on the guilt or innocence of a fellow classmate accused of bullying.

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Fall 2023

Creature is based on Ridley Scott's 1979 Sci-Fi and Horror classic, Alien. Eight astronauts respond to a distress beacon in outer space, only to encounter much more than they bargained for...


Winter 2023

The Outcasts is based on two 90s thrillers: Reservoir Dogs and The Usual SuspectsOne boy recounts the amazing details of an attempted answer key robbery...but not everything is as it seems.


Summer 2023

The Library Heist is based on the 1975 film, Dog Day Afternoon. Two students attempt to steal a Harry Potter book from the library, but end up attracting too much attention, take hostages and scramble to get out clean.

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Summer 2023

The Spotted Owl is based on the 1941 film noir classic, The Maltese Falcon. Twists and turns abound as one student attempts to get to the bottom of a mysterious stuffed owl that everyone seems to be after.

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