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LCA Films founder Dustin Connors has been teaching grades 4-6 since 2009, spending time in New York, Seattle, and North Carolina. 

He studied documentary filmmaking in graduate school, winning numerous awards for his experimental documentary Seeing Trauma, the short films A Boy Out of Yemen and (F)Empowered, as well as his thesis film Now, Tomorrow, Forever: The Persistence of School Segregation in America. 


Film has always been a part of his curriculum, offering enrichment classes at several schools in film history and moviemaking, as well as producing end-of-year films in lieu of class  plays.

He received his Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education from SUNY Plattsburgh in 2008, and his Master of Arts, in History & Documentary Filmmaking from SUNY Albany in 2018.


He is still active in the filmmaking community, living in Saratoga Springs and striving to make a bigger space for arts in public education.

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